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To run a better operation, we have laid out some basic company policies.  These are very basic and are silk screen industry standard policies.

Scrap Allowance

Allow 3% per pass/color in substrate scrap.  Scrap allowance does not include substrate defects.  Even though we ask for this allowance, on an average our scrap rate is very minimal and often times, zero.

Repackaging Charge

All orders are re-packed exactly the way we received it.  If an order requires extra packaging or protection it is the responsibility of the client to make us aware of it and/or provide the necessary material needed.

If you have expensive and delicate containers, sometimes they are packed individually in bags, trays, etc. We may have to charge extra for extra packers to take containers from the bags, print on it, and then repack it the same way it came. We will let you know ahead of time if we need to charge you a repacking charge.



Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Quotation is subject to review of art and substrate.

  • Bottles and Print will not be liable for scuffing, scratching, or damage of parts during shipping — especially via UPS/Fed-Ex.

  • Print registration/movement is +/- 3/32” unless otherwise noted.

  • The Customer is liable and agrees to pay for all costs incurred in preparation of their order prior to cancellation and/or obsolescence.  

  • The suitability of Bottles and Print supplied processes for a particular application is the responsibility of the user. Bottles and Print will not assume liability if items are completed, if the product has been filled, or if items are in your possession for more than 7 days.

  • All items are make and ship unless quoted otherwise. Any blank/printed ware stored for over 30 days may be destroyed or may be subject to retroactive storage charges in order to be released (if not destroyed).  We will assume no liability for them.

  • Issuance of a Purchase Order deems acceptance of all quote terms and conditions.

  • All shipments coming to Bottles and Print and leaving Bottles and Print after the job is done are the responsibility of the customer. 

  • Payment Terms are Due on Receipt of invoice.  Payment must be received in full prior to release of shipment/order.  Payments to be made by Check or Wire Transfers (with a fee) only.

  • Bottles and Print’s Terms and Conditions supersede any terms and/or conditions that may exist on a purchase order issued by client.

  • Bottles and Print’s Terms and Conditions take precedence over any or all comments appearing in the “Notes” section of a Customer quote or their purchase order.

  • If a new order is not placed for a particular item or SKU within two (2) years of the last order, the film and screens associated with that item will be destroyed.

  • Clients may request their film and will be provided to them at any time they choose.  However, the frames/screens remain the property of Bottles and Print.

  • Bottles and Print reserves the right to hold customer's inventory until any payments due are made in full.

  • Quoted lead times are subject to change

Updated: 07/01/19

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